We are explorers, adventurers, and rebels,
risk-takers and comfort-seekers,
the ones who saw opportunity,
and despite our backgrounds and experiences,
decided to press our feet into the sand,
and seek a world worth knowing.

We are the descendants of a people,
who, for thousands of years,
and settled,
praying with their feet,
until they returned home.

And, we too,
pray with our feet,
as we stroll amongst those old landscapes,
of that same home,
which, is now, our home, too.

We trace the stories,
and our fingers,
along the lines of truth,
of old buildings and words,
the foreign and the familiar,
seeking to understand,
and not to alter. 

And our feet, pressed into the ground,
keep on moving,
leaving behind only the marks that
we were once there,
that we lived,
that we learned,
and that we cared. 

And, our feet keep on praying,
as we trudge forward,
bearing the burden of peace,
tightly wound into our backpacks,
and into our hearts. 

All shapes and sizes,
our footprints cover the Earth,
from continent to continent,
generation to generation. 

אלה העקבות שלנו
هذه هي اثار اقدامنا
These are our Footprints

- Jessica Edelson