Exhibit Directors
Avidan Baral∙Marisa Senkfor

Head Curator
Benjamin Wilson

Dara Doft∙Gail Lancman∙Samuel Levy∙Theodore Canter

Writing & Photo Editing
Emma Mati∙Hannah Wolk∙Molly Gangbar∙Nicole Silberberg∙Sara Carasso∙Theodore Canter

Logo & Video
Emma Mati∙Maddie Savitch∙Sally Gotlieb

Alexia Beller

Kivunim ‘18-’19 Residential Advisors
Avniel Jhirad∙Evan Charney∙Sabina Tilvetz


Exhibit Director
Joseph Zeuner 

Website Creation & Design
Jessica Edelson

Maya Allen∙Charlotte Apter∙Lily Cohen∙Talya Dovas∙Sam Feldman∙Jessie Goldberg∙Hannah Haine∙Alan Jinich∙Lenny MillerAbe Passman∙Jessie Rice∙ Kobi Russel

Kayla Cohen∙Nate Orbach

Kivunim ‘17-’18 Residential Advisors
Jeremy Goldfrad∙Ella Shadmi


Artist in Residence
Tobi Kahn

Tobi Kahn is KIVUNIM’s artist-in-residence. Tobi, a distinguished American artist, is our “Director of Seeing,” making it possible for our students to explore and appreciate a visual way of knowing: through museums, architecture, street scenes, encounters with people around the globe, and, of course, nature. By means of his commitment to the visual arts, Tobi creates a deeper and more expansive experience for participants in KIVUNIM, both students and staff/faculty.

On May 17, 2007, Tobi became only the second artist (after Jacques Lipschitz, in 1965), to be awarded an honorary degree (Doctor of Hebrew Letters, honoris causa) by the Jewish Theological Seminary of America. Tobi is the curator (with student assistants) of the annual KIVUNIM exhibition. Our exhibitions have been featured at Beit Hatefusoth, the Museum of the Diaspora in Tel Aviv; at the JCC in Manhattan in New York City and most recently at the ICC of Jerusalem. These collections of the photographs and writings of KIVUNIM students are unique expressions of the sense of world consciousness developed by our students during their journeys throughout the year. In January, 2010 we published a 90-page catalogue. KIVUNIM is very privileged to be able to illuminate our students’ learning with Tobi’s insight, talent and wisdom.